New York & Company Credit Card : 6 Things to Know before Signing up for

NY&CO is a women’s clothing store that has tried to facilitate its clients by inviting them to sign up for their credit card. Before initiating the process, there are six things you should be aware of.

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1. Why New York & Company Credit Card?

NY&CO is a store that deals with a wide range of women’s item. Apart from providing fashionable work appropriate clothes, they also collaborate with A-list celebrities. So if you are interested in wearing affordable celebrity designed clothes, then NY&CO is a perfect choice.

1.1.How New York & Company Credit Card Works?

The working of the credit card is simple. The individuals select clothes from the retail or the online shop. But instead of paying for the purchased merchandise on the spot, they can choose to get the amount charged on their New York & Company Credit Card and pay off the amount whenever convenient. The APR of the card stands at 25.24% with the late fees penalty of $37.

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1.2.The Benefits and Limitations of New York & Company Credit Card

There are many perks that can be enjoyed by the individuals from signing up for New York & Company Credit Card. Apart from the benefits; there are many restrictions as well.


  • $10 reward awarded with the minimum spending of $200.
  • Special birthday offers
  • Free periodic shipping
  • Zero annual fees
  • Access to eNewsletters
  • Easy account management through the internet


  • To achieve a special birthday offer, one must have spent some amount within the last 12 months.
  • Free periodic shipping comes with certain conditions that are only revealed at the time of the offer.

Title Details
Rewards  Cardholders earn a $10 reward when they spend $200, receive a 25% off coupon for their birthday, and get free shipping perks for online shopping. Cardholders also get early access to special sales.
Signup Bonus  N/A
Telephone  Customer Support – Call 1.800.889.0494. (TDD/TTY 1.800.695.1788) Hours are Monday-Saturday 8AM – 9PM EST.
Mailing Address  Comenity Bank P.O. Box 659728 San Antonio, TX 78265-9728
Annual Fee  None
Cardmember Agreement Click here to view the PDF file
Cash Advance APR  N/A
Cash Advance Fee  N/A
Late Payment Fee  Up to $35. Up to $25 for a returned payment.
Purchases APR  24.99% APR.

2. How to Apply for New York & Company Credit Card?

Applying for the New York & Company Credit Card is one of the most convenient processes. Before commencing the process, the individuals have to make sure that they are or have reached the legal age. Also, they have, in their possession, all the required valid documents.

2.1.The Application Process

homepage with apply button of apply process

For the application process, you would be required to provide the online systems with the following information;

your personal information

  • Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Annual income
  • Date of birth

contact information

  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone
  • Residence

add authorized buyer

Also, you can choose to add any other authorized buyer who can use your New York & Company Credit Card to purchase things. After all the information has been entered, you can proceed to submit your application for approval.

2.2.The Activation Process

regitster for activate

For activating your New York & Company Credit Card and registering yourself with an online account, you need to ensure that you have the card in your possession. Moving on, for the execution of the activation process, you would be asked to provide the following information;

  • Credit card number
  • Zip code
  • Social Security Number

regitster for activate 2

After this, you will be allowed to create and register your account for convenient management. For creating the account, you will be required to create your username and password by entering your email address and your mobile number.

Moving on, you will be offered to enroll in the paperless billing and digital card, both of which you can decline to be a part of.

3. How to Login with New York & Company Credit Card?

3.1.How to Login?

The login process is the most convenient one if you have had success in activating your New York & Company Credit Card and registering your account. For the effective login into your online account, you will be asked to enter the following information;


  • Username
  • Password

3.2.What to do if I forgot my User ID or lost my New York & Company Credit Card?

There is no need to worry if you forgot your user ID or the password to your account because they can be easily retrieved. For gaining access to your online account, you just need to enter your personal identification information for the computer to find your account.


The information that is required for the retrieval process is as following;

  • Account number/Username
  • Zip code
  • Social Security Number


After filling up the required spaces, you will be given access to your account again. Furthermore, if you have lost your New York & Company Credit Card then you can write to the concerned department at 1-800-889-0494, or you can call the support staff at 1-800-695-1788 and inform them about your current situation. about the lost card can be found in the terms and conditions section)

4. Most Popular FAQs

The faqs section is the most important section because all the confused and troubled individuals can find necessary, important and valid information regarding the store’s provided facilities. In the FAQs section of the NY&CO store, all the individuals are sure to find information regarding their placed orders, shipping, return policy, promo codes, size chart, New York & Company Credit Card rewards, online accounts, and gift cards.


5. How to Cancel New York & Company Credit Card?

New York & Company Credit Card can be closed at any time without any inconvenience to the cardholders. The first step to take in this process is to ensure that your card balance stands at zero. After clearing all the dues, you can place a call to the customer representatives at (XXXXXX add number) and request New York & Company Credit Card cancellation.

6. New York & Company Credit Card Reviews

The reviewing platforms can be visited beforehand to sign up for New York & Company Credit Card to gain an insight into the policies and the working of the card. Many of the people had both positive and negative things to say about it. Few people complained about the irresponsible behavior of the staff while others complained about the hidden restrictions on the return policies. There were a few people who praised the many rewards of the card. Seemingly, the number of the people praising the card was considerably fewer than the people hating on the New York & Company Credit Card.


New York & Company Credit Card is a pretty ordinary card. The benefits are ordinary and few in number. The APR amount and the penalty on the late fees are too high. The store, itself is a small one with limited collections, so unless you shop regularly at the NY&CO store, there is no need to sign up for the card.

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