Do You Buy Organic?

Many of us care about being responsible with nutrition.  Because of that, the reality that there are so many claims that people might make about food makes it easy to let yourself believe a lot of them.  They might not guarantee that the food is healthy anyway, no matter how much you might pay.

Terms such as the following come to mind:

  • Light
  • Low Fat
  • Low Carb
  • Natural
  • All Natural
  • Healthy

When you think about it, just because something is “low fat”, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy or good for you.  Plenty of candy is low fat, yet loaded with sugar that makes it less than healthy.  Also, big mound of greasy bacon strips might be low in carbs relative to other options, but that doesn’t make it supremely healthy. Not by a long shot.  The same principle applies to the other descriptors.  The “natural” label is one that I find humorous sometimes.

Anyway, if these labels don’t necessarily guarantee that something is going to be healthy, then would they be worth a premium? In other words, would you pay more for food with them?

One label that I didn’t mention above is one that I think many people would pay a premium for.  That is, food that is labeled organic.

I know of a few people that would swear by organic food choices, to the point of seeming obsessed.  Stores seem to oblige by offering many organic options, though quite naturally (there’s that natural word again!) there is often a nice surcharge for the privilege of buying organic.  I’ve seen things like strawberries and spinach for $1 more each, for an organic container versus or non-organic option.  If you want to buy something like organic macaroni and cheese (yes, I’ve seen this), you can knock yourself out and do this too.  The more you buy, the more it adds up the expenses for you, and the revenue for someone else.

Organic is almost a way of life for some people.  It seems like it’s expensive at times, and often I wonder just how much benefit one really gets for the extra money spent. Perhaps there is some, but I’m guessing it varies by product.  The ROI – or return on investment of funds spent on organic food, is somewhat unclear to me.  I don’t doubt that there could be some benefits, it’s just the notion of quantifying them and making sure that they’re worth the extra money that’s the question.

These days, I might go out of my way to buy organic dairy.  Perhaps organic spinach or kale.  Not much else though, at least not that I can think of offhand.  Though some other things I buy happen to be organic, but it’s not a matter of me going out of my way to do so.

What about you?

Readers, do you regularly buy organic? If so, what types of items and why? If not, what are your reasons?

7 thoughts on “Do You Buy Organic?

  1. Pauline

    I don’t buy organic, although I suspect most of the food I get at the market could be labelled organic in the US. We also raise cattle and chickens that are organic. I like things to taste real, and when a tomato just tastes like plastic I am willing to pay extra for the best smelling tomato, be it organic or not.

    1. Post author

      Pauline – good point on how some food just smells better, and ultimately it tastes better. I would say I’ve noticed that with organic strawberries.

  2. Edward Antrobus

    I don’t buy organic. It seems like a waste to me when I’m breathing carcinogens all day at work.
    When I worked I’m a greenhouse, I had coworkers spending half their checks on organic food that they ate while smoking and then went back to work in greenhouses that were regularly sprayed with pesticides!

  3. The First Million is the Hardest

    I buy some organic foods on occasion, I don’t really go out of my way to do so though. There are some foods that are supposedly better to buy organic and some where it doesn’t matter. Most of the time I don’t care enough to pay the “organic” premium.

  4. Peter

    I’m into green smoothies lately and I read that Organic greens and fruits have 80% more nutrition than the regular greens. So being analytical person that I am, it totally justifies the cost.

    Our family buy everything organic.

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