Festival of Frugality

cold_winter_dayHello, welcome to this week’s edition of the Festival of Frugality!  Many good articles here, especially if you enjoy saving money.  After all, frugality does have its merits :)

We’ll call this the Winter Cold edition of the festival.  There has been some really cold weather in much of the country, here in the final weeks of Fall.  Yes, it’s still not Winter yet!  Anyway, while the weather is cold, there are some red hot posts below.  Let’s get to them:

Daisy presents How Much Money Did Changing Our Mortgage Frequency Save Us? posted at When Life Give You Lemons.

Christopher presents Bill Harassment, What are your rights posted at This That and The MBA.

Gary presents Jobs With No Experience Required posted at Gajizmo.

Dollar presents Make Money Online With Work At Home Jobs posted at Easy Extra Dollar.

Daniel presents It’s Time To Stop Trying to Keep Up With The Joneses posted at Make Money Make Cents.

Oscar presents Tis the season of giving, right? Wrong! It?s more like the season of shopping and buying things for others. posted at Money is the Root.

Jay presents Five Ways for Parents to Save on Tutoring posted at Daily Fuel Economy Tip.

Jack presents Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips that Still Work posted at Money Saving Ethics.

Matt presents My Work at Home Truths posted at Single Moms Income.

Alexa presents How to Use a Zero Sum Budget posted at Defeat Our Debt.

Lenny presents Frugal Habits that you can Copy from the Rich posted at Best Money Saving Blog.

Andrea presents More Money, More Gifts: Effective Ways to Save on Holiday Shopping posted at So Over This.

Marissa presents Conference Planning: Not for the Weak posted at Thirty Six Months.

Monica presents It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas! posted at Monica On Money.

Holly presents Avoiding Obamacare: Screw You Guys, I’m Outta Here posted at Club Thrifty.

Natalie presents Finding Out What Makes You Thankful This Holiday Season posted at Debt and the Girl.

Sustainable PF presents How Mobile Banking Can Help You and the Environment posted at Sustainable Personal Finance Blog.

FI Pilgrim presents Avoid Overspending When Throwing A Pity Party posted at FI Journey.

Andy presents Why credit cards are the best way to pay posted at Art of Being Cheap.

Donna Freedman presents Good to the last drop: Getting full use of condiments posted at Surviving and Thriving.

Bryce presents Gas Clothes Dryer Repair posted at Save and Conquer.

Justin @ Root of Good presents Three Months of Early Retirement posted at Root of Good.

John presents Two Great Days to Shop Online During the Holidays posted at Frugal Rules.

Fiona presents How To Network On a Budget posted at ReadyForZero Blog.

Crystal presents Growing a Blog – Sorry, It Takes Time posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

Ryan presents Bitcoin: Investment or Speculation? posted at Cash Money Life.

Daisy presents Cheap Things to Do on New Years Eve posted at Suburban Finance.

Kyle presents 4 Ways to Save Money on Your Small Business Expenses posted at The Penny Hoarder.

Jacob presents Five Great Tips For Cutting The Cost of Owning a Business posted at AllPersonalFinance.

Little House presents Save Money: Fix Those Leaks! posted at Little House in the Valley.

Jim presents Not All Billionaires Are Money Grubbing Tyrants posted at Critical Financial.

Paige presents Considering Using Your 401k to Pay Your Bills? posted at Modest Money.

Pauline presents Save money and use your cards this Christmas posted at Make Money Your Way.

Pauline presents Nice try, Amazon… posted at Reach Financial Independence.

Crystal presents My 2014 Financial Plan posted at Married with Debt.

Tushar Mathur presents The Four Gift Rule posted at Everything Finance.

SBB presents The Physical Manifestations of Keeping a Budget posted at Simple Budget Blog.

SavingMentor presents Insurance: Can You Get A Better Rate? posted at How To Save Money.

Maria presents Is saving really a virtue? posted at The Money Principle.

Mrs. Accountability presents Why Should You Stop Payment on a Check? posted at Out of Debt Again.

Cat Alford presents How to Avoid Big Purchases and Deal with Emergencies posted at Budget Blonde.

Thanks for reading this edition of the Festival of Frugality!

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