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job searching onlineWhen it comes to job searching, many people often say it’s who you know that matters.  Quite often, I would agree with that.  Networking is really a fantastic use of time, sometimes a more direct path to a credible introduction to someone who is in a position to hire.

Having said that, it’s not the only avenue to finding the right job.  We can also peruse job boards and apply online to positions that interest us.  Frankly, I know a number of people who have landed jobs this very way.  While the competition January be high in terms of applicants for desirable jobs, searching online can often be an expedient way to sift through opportunities.  After all, income is important, and we need to do what we can to secure it.

Here are 2 of the sites that are my favorites:

1) Linkedin. 

Literally, I have used this to find two jobs.  Actually, two.  One was through applying to a job that was listed on this site.  The second was by being found on the site, with a recruiter calling me after seeing my profile.

The advantage of Linkedin, many people believe, is to keep in touch with people and network.  That is true, I believe – in terms of being one of the real benefits.  However, it’s not all.  I think that Linkedin is a good way to be found by those looking for someone for a position, depending on what you do for a living.  Your skills and experience are there to be found, and people searching by keyword or through other avenues can stumble upon the right candidates for positions with some searching.

Also, Linkedin allows you to search people who work at a company, and figure out the backgrounds of the people working in different roles there.  It can give a sense as to what kind of fit you might be there, as well as good information that can help position you to get noticed and even prepare for an interview if you get one.

2) Indeed

This search portal seems to have a broad reach in terms of the volume of positions that it shows.  Simply search by keywords (or title, company name) and location (city name, zip, or state) and you can quickly get a large set of positions that in some way match your criteria.

This is a great way to get targeted lists of positions that meet your stated search interests.  You can scan through lists of 10 at a time, which almost reminds me of searching the web.  Get the search results that are most relevant early on, then go to page 2, page 3, etc.  Or, you can sort by date instead of relevance.  This provides flexibility in terms of what you see in your search.

Bottom Line: In the past, I would have looked much more closely at Career Builder or Monster.  Now, if I were to look at a job board site, it would be these two.  Time is precious, why not spend it efficiently.

Readers – have you ever searched for a job online? If so, how did it go? What do you think the best ways to find work are?


10 thoughts on “Searching for a Job Online

  1. Edward Antrobus

    I actually found my current job on Craigslist. If you live in a city with a fairly active Craigslist, there can be some good finds on there. When I’m searching, I also used Indeed. Entry level positions don’t get posted on LinkedIn too often.

    1. Post author

      Edward – good call on craigslist, that’s another approach for some jobs. Didn’t think of that, though admittedly I’ve never looked there!

  2. [email protected]

    I can’t say that I have searched for a job online but our older sons have and it is difficult. Sending in CVs and other stuff, you have to stand out from the crowd with well-written statements targeted at the prospective employer. In the last analysis it is the personal contact that matters and how much you impress at an interview.

    1. Post author

      John – I agree with you, in the end what really matters is the personal contact and how you impress them at the interview. The resume/application stage is important in terms of getting under consideration.

  3. Jen @ Master the Art of Saving

    I hate searching for jobs, it’s always been awful for me. I haven’t tried either of the site you mentioned above, but it has been a while since I was looking for work. I usually just checked Craigslist, but that didn’t take me very far. I’m sure that my lack of “real” work history had nothing to do with it. lol ;-)

  4. The First Million is the Hardest

    I’ve found my last 2 jobs by using Indeed & it will probably be my main resource if/when I start looking again. I’ve never seen much value in Linkedin in general, do you have any tips for using it to find open positions & landing interviews more effectively?

    1. Post author

      1st Million – as for Linkedin, I’ll have to think this though for complete response. Januarybe it would be a good post! Initial thoughts are that one should keep a solid, keyword-friendly profile out there that is searchable by recruiters, or those who you interview with that just might check on you there. It’s a place to be found, as well as a place to look, via a search jobs function. I think Linkedin is pretty good, and its worth having a well written profile.

      1. The First Million is the Hardest

        Well I’d be interested in that post if you choose to write it, lol. I’ve never really done much with Linkedin other than setting up a basic profile. Januarybe I’ll have to take some time out one of these days and overhaul my profile there.

        1. Post author

          1st Million – sounds good, I’ll write one up at some point with my thoughts, as I do think there are some benefits. Glad to help. Posts on demand, while the site is new :)

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